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What does it mean to heal for real?


Almost 20 years ago, my husband Adam and I dreamed of offering intelligent medical and mental health care that not only addressed our patient’s symptoms but took into consideration their needs on an individual level – beginning with the way they felt entering our clinic to personalized wellness plans based on their genetic individuality. It’s taken many years of schooling, training and planning and just this month we finally opened WHEELHOUSE Center for Health & Wellbeing – our labor of love!

WHEELHOUSE is a premier multi-disciplinary medical center located in the heart of downtown Fairfield CT. Our office location offers access to easy transportation and reserved parking, a wide array of healthy restaurant options and a quick commute to several high-end accommodations for those traveling from out of state.

At WHEELHOUSE my staff and I provide concierge-like care in a warm and inviting environment. Our philosophy is that lasting healing happens best when care addresses all aspects of our patient’s needs on the physical, mental, emotional and genetic level. To this aim we have developed a care team of expert practitioners that provide microbiome and genomic analysis, personalized nutrition and lifestyle management support, cognitive therapies to help our patients identify patterns in their lives that are obstacles to achieving their health goals and much more.

At WHEELHOUSE, you can expect a team approach to support you on every level on your road to wellness.

As our website is still under development, you can find a brief overview of our offerings below, then give us a call for a complementary in-person or phone consultation to see for yourself what it means to heal for real!

-          Dr. Moore



Genetic Consultation & Precision Medicine (1 hour 30 minutes)

Using advanced genomic analysis software designed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, we review over 700,000 of your genes to reveal the cause behind current health issues and assess your individual risk of developing further chronic disease. Treatment plans are designed using natural interventions to modify gene expression for the resolution and prevention of disease.


Internal Medicine (Naturopathic) (1 hour )

Cure what ails you with a comprehensive approach based upon the natural functioning of your body. Intelligent diagnostics are used to reveal the underlying causes of your health concerns with personalized treatment strategies that work with your body to heal on the deepest levels.


Holistic Women’s Health (60 minutes)

Specialized and annual care offered to address all aspects of a woman’s health including hormonal balance, bone health, pelvic pain and incontinence and much more.


Cognitive Health & Enhancement (50 minutes)

Give your brain an upgrade through the unique approach of Process Cognition. From the first session experience an increase in your focus, mental clarity, mood, memory, and creativity.


Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming (50 minutes)

Change your habits., thoughts and emotional responses through the powerful technique of subconscious suggestion.



Anxiety and Emotional Management (50 minutes)

Whether you're coping with stress or struggling with full-blown panic attacks these unique suite of process cognition tools will

help you feel greater control over your emotional experience.



Genomic-Based Nutritional Programs (1 hour 30 minutes)

A fully customized diet including food lists, meal plans, a recipe book and exercise strategies personalized to your individual health needs based upon your specific epigenetic requirements.


Nutritional Counseling and Support Services (1 hour)

Sometimes it takes more than just knowing what you should be eating to get you on track with your diet goals. At WHEELHOUSE our nutritionist provides personalized strategies and tools to help set you on a sustainable road to healthy eating and improved health. Personal shopping support and pantry makeovers are offered by private appointment as well for those needing a an even more personalized level of support.


Craniosacral Therapy (45 minutes)

 Reduce chronic neurological symptoms like back pain,

migraines and vertigo while improving attention, memory and an altogether
greater sense of wellbeing with this spinal fluid balancing technique.







As a Generative Medicine physician Dr. Moore’s approach to healing is guided by the understanding that the best medicine supports the body’s extraordinary potential to sustain and heal itself. This philosophy has become the basis for a unique healing approach which takes your Whole Health into account.


Dr. Moore is a licensed naturopathic physician in the state of Connecticut and offers appointments at her premier integrative clinic WHEELHOUSE Center for Health and Wellbeing in Fairfield, Ct. 

Dr. Moore's Whole Health approach offers a unique, creative combination of holistic, traditional naturopathic services all backed by cutting edge research and techniques for a wide variety of conditions including women's health, weight loss and detox, endocrine and autoimmune conditions as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes.



Personalized medicine for the 21st century


Whether you're seeking to head off illness at the pass or trying to heal from a major health issue, Dr Moore offers a unique blend of traditional holistic medical services blended with state of the art diagnostic tools and techniques designed to improve your health on the deepest level. Choose from a wide variety of personalized services to give your whole health a complete reboot. 


If you are new to the idea of naturopathic medicine, click below for a deeper look at the whole health philosophy as well as an explanation of what NDs offer and what to expect during an appointment.






Dr. Moore is warm, caring and thoughtful. I’ve trusted her with both my own health needs as well as those of my two daughters.

Bevin W. 

Sales Manager

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