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Doctor's Corner: Re-envisioning the COE - a fresh start with a strong foundation

Hello and happy Fall! My name is Dr. Tegan Moore. I’ve been lucky enough to be working with Dr. D’Adamo here at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine for many years. Just recently I was given the distinct honor of being promoted to the Director of Operations for this forward-thinking, integrative medical clinic. I am so excited about the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead!

Autumn is a time of abundance - a time to gather together our resources and fortify ourselves for the winter to come. Here at the COE we are doing just that. We’ve put together a stellar team of physicians and practitioners, improved our facility and expanded our service offerings; all to better serve you and your unique health needs. One of the most compelling and beautiful components of the naturopathic paradigm is the guiding principle of the whole. Each of us is seen not as a jigsaw puzzle of parts acting independently, but a fluid being where each aspect, be it organ function or thought pattern, is woven into a complex system that defines the entirety of who we are. When physicians are able to view their patients as a network of interconnected elements, they become a specialist in wholeness. Here at the COE this vision is being achieved by employing a unique and comprehensive menu of analytics including OPUS23, a powerful software suite designed by Dr. D’Adamo to analyze your DNA and microbiome to get to the root of the most stubborn, hard to track conditions. We have also added specialists in women’s health, urology and cardiology as well as supportive services such as IV nutritional therapy. The new care team at the COE has also been developing extended care programs for those at a critical turning point in their health or who simply want to act preventively. Keep an eye out for updates on Facebook and Instagram over the next few months as we announce the rollout of these programs. From all of us as the COE we wish you a wonderful Autumn season and good health!

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