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Doctor's Corner: The Many Health Benefits of a Springtime Medicinal Cleanse

​It’s spring, that magical time of year when the natural world around us wakes from its winter slumber and blossoms once more. It’s also the perfect season for personal renewal as well. Warmer weather offers us the opportunity to eat lighter, cooler meals and feel energized by outdoor recreation and exercise. A fantastic way to bring a fresh start to your health and wellbeing during this season of change is a medicinal cleanse.

For most people the mention of a cleanse brings to mind associations like crash diets or fasting-style starvation strategies. There are an abundance of fad cleanses and diets out there that claim to provide fast relief from digestive complains or incredible rapid weight loss results.

Medicinal cleansing under the guidance of an experienced naturopathic doctor relies on a combination of evidenced-based research and traditional wisdom to provide long-lasting and often profound improvements in your underlying state of health without requiring crash dieting or hunger. Results usually include gradual and permanent weight reduction, an increase in energy and sense of vitality as well as freedom from unhealthy eating patterns that may have felt impossible to curb or escape. Many people find that they no longer are driven by cravings for sweets or junk foods or need to rely on coffee or caffeinated beverages to keep them feeling energized and happy throughout their day. They also often experience improvements in digestion and bowel habits that leave them feeling lighter and more energized.

An essential aspect of medicinal cleansing is herbal and nutritive liver support. The liver is a multipurpose organ that helps to regulate blood sugar, balance stores of cholesterol and fats and make many specialized proteins that help to carry essential substances in the blood. It is also one of the main powerhouses of detoxification in the body, helping to clear toxins absorbed from food and the environment as well as medications and the metabolic waste made by the body itself every day.

Another less well-known action of the liver is its role in the clearance and metabolism of hormones. When the liver is stressed or undernourished, the body may have a higher burden of toxins including unwanted residual hormones leading to symptoms such as anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia, changes in mood and libido as well as fatigue. Many people find relief from anxiety or insomnia that has plagued them for many years simply by choosing a medicinal cleanse!

To learn more about medicinal cleansing and its many benefits, contact Dr. Moore today.

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