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We all have our own idea of what healthy looks like. One thing we can all agree on is that when we are in a state of good health our experience of life is vastly improved. No matter what your starting point, Dr. Moore and the WHEELHOUSE team can help you reach your ideal state of health! 


Personalized medicine for the whole family.

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Holistic internal medicine is just that - primary care services for the treatment of acute complaints as well as the reversal of chronic conditions. 

Dr. Moore offers well visits, acute care as well as personalized treatment strategies for the reversal of chronic disease for patients of all ages. A full spectrum of diagnostics are available including:

  • Standard lab testing including in-house diabetes screening and lactulose hydrogen breath testing for SIBO among others

  • Specialty labs for endocrine function, heavy metals, screening for cardiovascular risk assessment and autoimmune diseases

Treatments range from herbal and homeopathic preparations to nutritional supplementation. Referrals for in-house prescription medication management are also available. 


Your microbiome is the total community of microorganisms that live in your body. Research has found that over ten trillion bacteria reside in our gut, and like our fingerprints, the makeup of our microbiome is unique to each of us. Studies have also shown that up to 90% of all disease can be traced in some way back to imbalances in gut microbiota. Due to genetics, diet, stress and pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, dangerous levels of harmful bacteria (known as pathogens) can build up and upset the proper balance of the ecosystem. This condition is known as dysbiosis.

  • Not surprisingly, dysbiosis is a common cause of many digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, Crohn’s disease and colitis. 

  • An imbalanced microbiome is almost always present in obesity and excessive weight gain.

  • Studies have shown that dysbiosis can play an important role in many mood and psychiatric problems.

  • Many common causes of inflammation, cardiovascular disease and hormonal disturbances can result from dysbiosis.


Using an inexpensive test that genetically identifies your gut flora as well as a revolutionary software program, Utopia, designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, Dr. Moore is able to personalize a treatment strategy to rebalance gut flora and optimize health. 


Food fads come and go, but the facts are clear: everyone does not have the same basic nutritional needs. We all know someone who is a strict vegetarian and thrives on that diet, while others swear by Atkins or similar low-carb plans.


Your blood type affects more than just the type of blood you'd need in the event of a transfusion – your blood type is a genetic factor that plays many roles in the human body. Dr. Moore uses your blood type along with other genomic factors to custom design a low-lectin, non-agglutinating diet that creates a hospitable environment for your “good” intestinal flora while simultaneously combating your personal predisposition for disease to improve your health and overall quality of life.


During the course of a comprehensive 90 minutes visit, you will receive a fully customized diet including food lists, meal plans, recipe book and exercise strategy personalized to your individual health needs. 


The dawn of holistic assessment of gene SNPs is finally upon us with a new, powerful piece of genomic analytics software, OPUS 23, designed by the preeminent naturopathic glycobiologist Dr. Peter D’Adamo. OPUS 23 takes genomic information from a sample collected by the private lab 23andMe and offers a wallet-friendly opportunity to gain crucial information that can be utilized to resolve health concerns and prevent future ones.


OPUS 23 allows naturopathic and holistically minded physicians to explore upwards of 400,000 single nucleotide mutations and the genes that house them to assess an individual’s risk of developing disease. This can point to both the underlying causes of current diseases and symptom patterns that may have not been considered previously and offers an ever-expanding menu of natural treatment options.


If you have been suffering with chronic disease, are concerned about inheriting conditions or are simply looking to live a longer, healthier life then nutrigenomic analysis may be the right choice for you! 

Dr. Moore offers 90 minute appointments as an adjunct to naturopathic, personalized nutrition or women's health services as well as a stand alone service. 


Dr. Moore's believes that women's health care should range far beyond GYN services, It’s important that women receive care that is individualized to who they are on every level. This means taking into account not only the basic health criteria a typical doctor might consider such as family history, but also lifestyle, stress levels, genetic background, gut health and microbiome and yes, even blood type! 

Dr. Moore offers women-centered care for those simply seeking GYN services in an exclusive, holistic setting as well as women suffering from the symptoms of hormonal dysregulation, concerned with hormonally sensitive diseases such as SLE, undergoing menopausal changes or seeking support during periods of infertility. 


Sometimes our health concerns span beyond the scope of internal medicine. Dr. Moore offers her patients office visit tailored specifically to addressing those needs. Visits are 45 minutes in length and are customized to support you in reaching all of your health goals. Areas of focus include:


  • Corrective exercise: Dr. Moore offers education on the use of specific exercises to correct postural imbalances, reduce pain and increase mobility. Maintaining balanced body strength is a great way to increase longevity and may be used as part of preventive wellness strategies along with other lifestyle changes.

  • Weekly diet planning: sometimes starting a new diet plan can feel overwhelming. Dr. Moore offers one-on-one coaching sessions to assist in any aspect of meal planning that may be holding you back from becoming your best and healthiest self.

  • Customized relaxation techniques 


While advanced technology provides us with amazing insights into the internal ongoings of the human body, medicine today is often lacking in one key component of healing and diagnosis – touch. For thousands of years, across all cultures healers have diagnosed and treated their patients using their hands as their most readily accessible and effective tool.


Cranial Sacral therapy not only follows but elevates this tradition using a highly developed and effective subtle touch technique designed to restore balance to the rhythmic flow of spinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal nerves. The resulting feeling is often described as a profound sense of calm and relaxed centeredness. As the central nervous system comes to a state of rest many patients describe a reduction in neurologically based chronic symptoms like low back pain, migraines, TMJ, and even chronic sinus and/or ear congestion.


CST is a soft touch technique that involves feather lite manipulations of the skull and protective tissues surrounding the spinal cord. Dr. Moore provides half-hour long sessions to reduce stress, chronic pain, improve attention, memory and enhance an overall sense of wellbeing. 

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